We all like using MXIE but here are five little things you might not have known that will make MXIE work for you!

1. "ScreenDial." - Making a call is as simple as higlighting the number on your screen from any application (it can be your CRM, Microsoft Outlook, even Internet Explorer!) and pressing CTRL + F12
You can even change what keys you press to use ScreenDial. - in MXIE go to File ? Preferences ? select Keyboard Shortcuts from the left. Don't forget to click Apply after changing the keyboard shortcut!

2. Copying Call Logs - From time to time, we'll ask you to send us your call logs, or perhaps you want to send them to someone - whatever the reason, copying call logs is remarkably easy. Simply highlight the entries in your MXIE call log window, right click and select Copy. That's it! Simply paste it into your word processing application and you're as good as gold!

3. Drag & Drop - You can transfer a received call, even before it is answered, simply by clicking on your call pop-up window and dragging it to one of your buddies. You can also drag a buddy to your left panel to call them!

4. The Power of "Right Click" - When a call appears on your MXIE window right click and see your options. All you have to do is choose an option and you.ll be prompted the rest of the way. From forwarding, to sending directly to someone's voicemail to directing it to a specific greeting on your own voicemail. That's not all... to make a call, right click on a name from your buddy list or address book, choose 'make a call'... and start talking!

5. Call Conferencing - Have you ever wanted to bring someone else into a phone call you're on? Now you can! When on a call, simply select 'Ad-Hoc Conference' from the Conference menu. You will be prompted to enter a conference ID, or press star (*) to start a new one. When you press * you will be advised of the ID, and a conference session will appear in your MXIE window. You can add people to your conference by dragging them across from your mates or address book - you can also press the voice call button on your toolbar and enter any number to dial someone in! When they answer, simply drag them into the conference session window!
NB: This feature can only be used in conjunction with conferencing licensing - if you want this feature, contact us today!