• Datamerge IP Solutions use open standard systems based on SIP
  • Installed on your premises, or in the cloud. Owned by you, or hosted with us
  • Easy to use features and applications
  • Our IP Telephone systems cater for 2 – 10,000 users allowing your system to grow as your business expands; eliminating the need for major changes to your infrastructure.
  • Our telephony systems will lower your costs while enhancing the efficiency of your team and help you to remain competitive

Datamerge takes the time to understand the business needs of its customers. This enables us to assist you in achieving your business goals as a trusted communications advisor. We are in the position to customise, integrate and manage a suitable on-premise solution for your organisation.

Our telephone systems are more than just a telephone handset. A properly designed and implemented telephone system will greatly enhance productivity by eliminating unnecessary use of the telephone and other productivity benefits. Including:

  • Hotdesking – any person can use any telephone as their own.
  • Computer telephony interaction (CTI) – Dial from Outlook and other programs.
  • Handsets can be plugged in anywhere there is a network connection (including remote offices and home).
  • Calls can be directed to the appropriate area without human intervention.
  • Automatic call routing based on time, caller ID, current status, etc.

Other factors distinguish Datamerge – our multi-vendor solutions, expertise combined with proven experience in all aspects of communications, including convergence, mobility and managed services, all make us a preferred communications partner for your business.

Datamerge embraces open standard technology based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). SIP based phone systems offer full functionality without being locked in to a specific vendors products. This allows a much greater range of options as your business grows and your requirements change.

If your business is looking to upgrade its business phone system in a way that is simple, valuable and technologically advantageous, then a complete Datamerge communications package could be the solution.

We will provide a new fully featured telephone system configured to meet your needs today and in the future. You can depend upon Datamerge's unique support service which will provide you with a Single Point of Accountability for your communication needs.

The Datamerge IP Telephony System (VoIP) package takes the hassle out of communication as it includes everything you need in one simple package:


A new fully featured VoIP Telephone system configured to meet your needs today and tomorrow. Datamerge partners with Zultys and other innovative vendors to enable you to select a system that has the features and functionality to suit your business needs.

expert.jpg Onsite installation, configuration and end-user training for your new phone system.



Ongoing support service that provides you with a single point of accountability for your communication needs


Professional helpdesk to provide you with end to end support to resolve any possible problems you may experience with your business phone system.


24x7 support. We keep you free to do what you do best.