Set and forget…...then regret.

The term set and forget has been around for a long time. It has the connotations of making things easy. You simply set it up, the forget it is there.

This usually works well, until it stops working, or your forget too much, like your pin number to a credit card, or the padlock on your bike. Then it can become more of a problem than what the "set and forget" thing was meant to address in the first place.

However, these are inconveniences, but set and forget can cause disaster in business.

At a simple level, you might choose a telephone plan, then forget about it. 5 years later you might be paying double what the market is offering, because you simply "set and forgot".

At a more critical level, in business IT, you may have a backup solution that is fully automated and backs up "off site", so you don't need to bother with disks, or tapes. You forget it is there, until one day disaster strikes. You go to restore your precious data…..and it isn't on the backup! Nobody can find a working backup and it has been so long since you "set and forgot", there is no useful semblance of data anywhere to be found. At this point, your business could be on the brink of failure.

Now I am not advocating that an offsite backup is not a good idea. What is dangerous is simply forgetting something critical to your business, on the assumption that it will continue to work, or offer you the same value moving forward, without being periodically checked.

At Datamerge, we are just now beginning to offer online remote backup. Our philosophy though is to ensure :-

  1. Backup offsite is      complemented by backup on site. Whether this be snapshots on a SAN, or a      NAS device, it is important to have local backups as nearly all disasters      will be local and will note involve the local office being unusable (e.g.      through fire, or theft). Local backups can be access QUICKLY.
  2. Backup systems must be      checked from time to time to ensure they are working properly. Most of the      systems Datamerge employs uses a notification system to alert someone to a      problem as it happens.

Set and forget is a wonderful idea, in principal, but if things are forgotten for too long, they usually end badly.